Evilspeak Magazine - Issue #1

Image of Evilspeak Magazine - Issue #1


The debut issue of Evilspeak Magazine featuring the best in underground horror journalism.

80 terror-loaded pages with NO ads inside - all KILLER, NO filler!

Pro-printed, full sized zine with glossy cover.

Issue #1 features:

Gore Shriek comics retrospect (9 pages!)
Horror Rises from the Tomb
Chas Balun tribute
Mountaintop Motel Massacre
Ulli Lommel interview with retrospects on "The Boogeyman" and "The Devonsville Terror"
Donald Farmer's Drive-In Fever
Tourist Trap
Brides of Blood
Mad Doctor of Blood Island
Beast of Blood
RocKrypt Heavy Metal Horror w/Rocktober Blood & Hack-o-Lantern
Nightmare Maidens: Heather Langenkamp and Amanda Wyss interview
Humanoids From the Deep
Without Warning
The Demon Lover aka The Devil Master
Cannibal Girls
+ much, MUCH more!!!

Also featuring killer artwork from Don England, Matt Putrid, Splatterbeast, Slasher Dave, and more!